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Inkjet Star Refer-A-Friend Program

Q: What is Refer-A-Friend Program?

A: Our customers’ referral is the most effective and fruitful marketing channel for us. So we are happy to reward our loyal customers who help to spread the word out about our superior product quality, competitive pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We also realize that the benefit is mutual. While our customers earn cash reward, their friends are happy to eliminate the time needed to shop for reliable and inexpensive generic ink or toner cartridges.

Q: What is the incentive?

A: You will receive $5 reward for the first-time order made by a new customer you referred to us. The order can be in any amount. If you refer to us 10 new customers who actually purchase ink or toner cartridges from us, your account will be credited $50. With the credit, you can withdraw cash through your registered PayPal account or as a store credit for your future purchase. The best thing in our program is that there is no minimum amount for withdrawal of your cash reward. In another words, you can request for withdrawal of your reward in an amount as low as $5.

Q: So what do I need to do to join the program?

A: It is easy as pie. If you are a registered customer at, there is no need to sign up another account to join the program. Simply log in your registered customer account and follow the steps below.

  1. If you have not had a registered customer account, please sign up an account at
  2. Click at Refer A Friend at the footer of our website or click at the visual link  Inkjet Star Refer-A-Friend Program    on our front page. You will be taken to the Refer Friends page where you will see the simple instructions to generate your personal URL.
  3. Once you have your personal URL, you can share it through your email, Facebook or Twitter postings. Feel free to use our standard email and social media message templates on this page.
  4. This is it! Simple and easy to join.

Q: Do I need to monitor or do anything else to run the program?

A: The only thing you need to do is to get your personal URL and share it with your friends. After that, the program automatically records any purchase from your referrals and credits your account with the reward. You will receive real-time email notifications of new transactions or you can login to your account to see the real-time commission report.

Q: What happens when my referral is already a customer of Inkjet Star?

A: The program will track if your referral has previously purchased from Inkjet Star. If they are our existing customers, no reward will be credited to your account.

Q: What happens when I request for withdrawal of my reward?

A: You will have the option to receive cash through PayPal or to receive store credit. When you request for store credit, an email with a unique coupon code will be sent to you in the amount of your withdrawal request. You can use the coupon for your next purchase.


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