Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Printing Innovations

One of the most common stigmas regarding printing is that it may not be the most environmentally friendly practice out there. However, the printing industry has been taking steps to do away with that stereotype. Over the years, many environmental innovations in the world of printing have come forth, and here, we collect the top five.


1. Environmentally Friendly Printing Innovation – Plantable Book

A bookmaking company in Argentina, Pequeno Editor, recently published a book whose pages are made from environmentally friendly paper and jacaranda seeds. The book is called Mi Papa Estuvo en la Selva, and it can be transformed into a tree if the book is planted into the ground thanks to the seeds that are embedded inside it. Watch this video to see the environmentally friendly printing innovation!



2. Another Printing Innovation – Soy Cartridges

A company called PRC Technologies developed toner cartridges that print using soy powder, which is more natural than using regular ink powder. This environmentally friendly printing innovation costs roughly the same, though it may be volatile. Studies by HP seem to indicate that the soy powder is not yet ready as a good performance toner. Though soy powder may not be a top tier option right now for cartridges, it opens the door in the future for other sustainable toners.

Soybeans to Soy Cartridges




 3. 3D Printed Car

One manufacturer in California has 3D printed an environmentally friendly car called “Blade.” The producer opted to use carbon fiber rather than steel, so that there would be less ecological damage done in the creation of the vehicle. “Blade” also runs entirely on natural gas which burns far less resources than petroleum. Though the company only has one car right now, the manufacturer hopes that it will just be the beginning for a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles. Here is the environmentally friendly printing innovation:

3D Printed Car




 4. Cement Made of Recycled Toner – Environmentally Friendly Printing Innovation

In Melbourne, a new asphalt mix made with recycled printer toner has made its way onto the streets. It is 40% more efficient than the standard bitumen that is used in asphalt, and the mix is called TonerPave. The product costs as much as regular asphalt and its producers claim that all of Australia could be serviced by recycled toner roads if only people donate their cartridges rather than throw them away.

Environmentally friendly street paving

Photo: Jamie Williams/City of Sydney



5. Cardboard Printer

Samsung recently created a new printer called the Origami printer, and it’s made out of cardboard. While the inside still includes the necessary printer technology, the casing on the outside is entirely recycled cardboard. Samsung claims that the cardboard is strong enough to be as viable as regular plastic, and if this is true, it could lead the way forward for more eco friendly brands or environmentally friendly printing innovations.

Recycled Printers
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